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Thread: 5 hours of skating on TV tommorow!

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    5 hours of skating on TV tommorow!

    I just realized that tommorow is THE day!! Skating on TV starts tommorow with 5 hrs of skating. I am so excited! The only thing that bothers me this year is that so many of the short programs for grand prix events are on ESPN 2, which I don't have. To get it through my cable company, I have to upgrade to digital cable which costs a ton and I have to buy a seperate huge receiver hooked up to the TV. Tried it last year, and hated it. I am going to miss out on alot because of it, drat. :sheesh:

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    i know what you mean... i'm lucky though... i get ESPN2 here in this area... just not ESPN classic... but if i had lived still in my previous appartment... it would have been a different story. thank goodness for small blessings...

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    I had just checked Heather's tv schedule and I'm so happy. The season is really here! It would have been sooner if they could just televise certain events in a reasonable amount of time.

    I ended up with a satellite dish instead of cable and I have ESPN classic now (which really only showed ice skating during the Olympics). I'm hoping that they will include the Ice Channel if that ever gets finalized. And, I hope they don't include it in their sports channel package which is far too expensive. If they can put racing channels in the general package, I'm hoping they can put ice out there too.

    Edited: Don't forget A&E Monday night at 8. They are showing a biography on Peggy Fleming

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