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So was it fair that Brian got the second best PCS? I haven't seen any comments about his skating except that his jumps were no good.

What do you mean by "tano lutz"?

I want to watch these programmes :banging:
I think Brian got a sizable "Oh, poor thing, his jumps aren't on. But he's a former World Champ. I know, let's give him a bit of a PCS boost!" bonus. I do think that his PCS should be *relatively* high though (and, again, this confirms that being later in the starting orders helps).

From wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...kating_terms):
'Tano jumpA jump arm position variation made famous by Brian Boitano (hence 'Tano) where one arm is extended overhead instead of folded at the chest during a jump. This increases the difficulty of a jump.
... apparently you're supposed to have an apostrophe before the "T"... who would have known.