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Although she landed all of her jumps, I thought all of her jumps had one issue or another. Her mulekick is just disgraceful. She slowed considerably going into her loop and the landing edge wasn't long and gliding, but slow and it circled too much. She is still slow as molasses going into that darn double axel. So, although she landed all of her jumps, I could see her getting 0 GOE or -GOE on all of them. I thought she looked faster as well, but still not nearly as fast as she should be. I love Caroline and I want her to do well, but I think she needs to seriously correct her technique before she can really compete with the upper echelon.
Very good post. I completely agree! I didn't see any visible improvements or even any slight attempts at improving her technique. People have been talking about her technique for years and still nothing is being done about it. Makes me wonder about her willingness to try and fix these problems. I am concerned about what her coaches are thinking as well; they are doing more harm than good for her.