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she is clearly the Slutskaya of 2009. Completely dominating the field and looking nearly invincible. Right now I REALLY want to say:


just mail it to her now.


but, you know...well, actually, you don't...

whoa! we all know what happened to slutskaya though. let's not wish that on her. the only thing that could put a major damp on her efforts now though, is her back. hopefully it won't let her down this season. sometimes towards the end of the season, she'll get tight and miss some jumps at the tail end of her long.... like last year at the GPFs and worlds. i don't think it's stamina so much as her back situation...even though she and orser won't admit this. but she does say she feels better going into this season than last year's. so maybe it'll bode well throughout.

i guess it was a good idea that sasha backed out. unless she's 100%, she won't want to face yuna. sasha also really needs a strong debut to send a message. i think not facing yuna until the olympics will be positive.

don't know what's going on with mao. i hope she gets it "fixed" soon for her mental state and gaining more confidence in her programs.