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Thread: programs that have given you the "chills"!!

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    programs that have given you the "chills"!!

    1)Natalia Mishkutienok & Artur Dmitriev 1994 Olympic long program it was just exquisite and oozing with passion and drama they should have won the gold instead of silver!@!

    2.) Lu Chen 1996 Worlds Long Program my jaw dropped open when she was finished she was sublime, perfection, beauty on ice an unforgettable performance!

    3.)Rudy Galindo 1996 Nationals WOW!!!!!!!!

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    1. Chen Lu - 1996 Worlds "Rach" LP
    2. Michelle Kwan - 2001 Nationals "East of Eden" SP
    3. Shen & Zhou - 2003 Worlds "Turandot" LP
    4. Michelle Kwan - 2003 Worlds "Aranjuez" LP
    5. Michelle Kwan - 1998 Nationals "Lyra Angelica" LP
    6. Paul Wylie - 1992 Olympics "Henry V" LP

    And, personally, I would have chosen G&G in 1994. M&D were absolutely stunning, but G&G gave a performance packed with such honest emotion and exquisite skating. I'm a sucker for the classical pairs style!

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    Talk about "chills"

    Alexei Yagudin's "Winter" from SC. Biggest chills ever. Also his "Gladiator" from 2001 SC and "Revolutionary Etude" from 2001 Worlds.
    Klimova & Ponomarenko's "LoA" from Worlds
    Berezhnaya & Sikhurlidze's "Chaplin" from Euros, "Lady Caliph" from Olys and many others.
    Gordeeva & Grinkov's "Requiem" from World Pros(?)
    Emanuel Sandhu's "Crazy Benny & etc" 2003 SC and "Purple Rain"
    The Steiglers' "Tschaikovsky's No. 1 P. Concerto" SP from 2001 (though they bombed it) and "Giselle"
    Michelle Kwan's "Ariane" from WP and "Red Violin" from 1999 SA
    Stephane Lambiel's "Magic Stradivarius" and "Chocolat" from Worlds QR
    Kristina Czako's "The Adam's Family" and "Waltz Masquere" from 1997
    Viktor Petrenko's SP from 1988 different for him
    Oksana Baiul's "Swan Lake" SP from 1994
    Stanick Jeannette's SP last season...(what's the name?)
    Matt Savoie's "Reveil" SP from 2002 Worlds
    Julia Lautowa's "Malaguena & Flamenco medley" from 2003
    Ilia Klimkin's "Sunny Boy" from 2002 NHK.
    Yukina Ota's Waltz exh. number
    Ye Bin Mok's "Swan" SP from 2003 US Nats.
    Sasha Abt's "Armenian Folk Song" SP from 2001
    Silvio Smalun's "Handel" LP from 2003
    Laetitia Hubert's SP from 1998 Worlds
    Irina Slutskya's "Cry of Forrest" (the one she did at the 1999 Keri Lotion fluff)

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    LOL, I don´t know about chills, but to name just a few programmes which have brought tears into my eyes (in no particular order):

    Gordeeva & Grinkov, several programmes
    Ilia Kulik Olympic free skate / 1998
    Paul Wylie´s "Carmina Burana"
    Anissina & Peizerat free dance / Worlds 1999
    Katia & Ilia "Casi Un Bolero" / SOI 2000
    Evgeny Plushenko "Bolero" / Finlandia Trophy 2000
    Ilia Kulik´s "Rockit" / SOI 2001
    Sasha Cohen´s short programme / Finlandia Trophy 2001
    Shen & Zhao free skate / Worlds 2003
    Johnny Weir´s short programme / Finlandia Trophy 2003
    Susanna Pöykiö´s short programme / Finlandia Trophy 2003

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    There are so many programmes I love, but some that have genuinely given me chills:

    Michelle Kwan - Fields of Gold (02 Olympics EX)
    Torvill & Dean - Encounter (pro)
    Shen & Zhao - Turandot (03 Worlds LP)
    Alexei Yagudin - Revolution Etude (01 Worlds SP)
    Maria Butyrskaya - Otonal (99 Worlds LP)
    Liz Manley - 88 Olympics LP
    Sasha Cohen - Malaguena (03 Worlds SP)
    Tara Lipinski - Rainbow (98 Olympics LP)
    Stephane Lambiel - Cirque de Soleil (02 Europeans LP)

    And probably lots more I'm forgetting

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    Okay, Taan, I thought your Sasha gush post was just nuts, but I do agree with you about M&D in 94. Yes, I realize that makes me a skating heretic....

    Anyway, other programs that gave me chills...

    Evgeni's Adagio SP, Bofrost
    Brian Joubert's Time SP at Skate America
    Alexander Abt's Russian Sailor Dance (?) SP from Bofrost

    Hmmm, let me ponder some more. I do love the SP a great deal, so it would seem.


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    Klimova/Ponomarenko (Free JO 1992 Bach)
    Duchesnay/Duchesnay (Free Worlds 1991, Missing 2)
    Anissina/Peizerat (Free Worlds 99 Iron Mask; 2000 Carmina Burana; JO 2002 Liberta; OD 99 My Sweat and tander Beast; OD 2002 Flamenco)
    Gordeeva/Grinkov (Free JO 1994 Beethoven and several program ex: vocalise...)
    Abitbol/Bernadis (Free Worlds 2000 Ange et Démon; Free 2002/2003 Familie Adams)
    Kurt Browning (Nahya; Johnny Guitare exhib worlds 91)
    Alexander Abt (short 2001 Arménian folk song; Free chp europe 2002 Rachmaninov; Free qualif worlds 2000 Riverdance)
    Alexei Yagudin (Free Gladiator; short 2002 Winter)
    Philippe Candéloro (Free JO 1994 the Goodfather; Free JO 1998 D'Artagnan)
    Stanick Jeannette (Free chp europe 2003 Le petit prince)
    Katarina Witt (Free Carmen; Free JO 1994. Exhib La liste de Schindler)
    Laetitia Hubert (Short 1998 Big my Secret; Free 1995 The Miserables)
    Surya Bonaly (Short JO 1994; exhib To quieres Volver)
    Michelle Kwan (Short JO 1998 Rachmaninov; Short worlds 2003 P. Gabriel; exhib Winter Tori Amos)
    Vanessa Gusmeroli (Worlds 2000 Legends of the Falls)
    Midori Ito (Free Worlds 1989; Free JO 1992 Rachmaninov)
    Sasha Cohen (Short 2002 My Sweat and tander Beast; Short Malaguena; exhib Roméo and Juliette and severas Free; shorts and exhib...)

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    Patchris--Hey, another fan of Vanessa Gusmeroli's "Legends of the Fall" program. I love the series of about six or seven different spins that make up the ending.
    --"Four Corners": A quartet choreographed by Sandra Bezic and skated by Elena Bechke, Denis Petrov, Ekaterina Gordeeva, and Ilia Kulik, SOI, live, '99.
    --"Casi Un Bolero": Duet for Katia and Ilia, SOI, 2000.
    --Oksana Baiul: "The Swan" COI, live, '94; "Meditation by Thais" COI, live, '95; "Arabian" COI, live, '96.
    --Mishketunok & Dmitriev: "Liebestraum" '92 Olympics, TV; "Rachmaninoff" '94 Olympics, TV.
    --Gordeeva & Grinkov: "The Man I Love" SOI, live, '95; "Humoresque" World Pros, '94 or '95 (not sure), TV; "Moonlight Sonata" '94 Olympics, TV.
    --Anissina&Peizerat: "Romeo and Juliet" '98 Olympics, TV; "Time to Say Goodbye" '98 Olympic exhib, TV; "Carmina Burana" '00(?) Worlds, TV.
    --Kurt Browning: "Love Medley to Sonja" SOI, live, '97 I think, and many others.
    --Ilia Kulik: "Aladdin" '96 Worlds, TV; "Caught" Olympic SP '98 TV; "Rhaphsody in Blue" Oly LP '98; "Liebestraum" '97 Exhib; "Baseball Cap" (Mathman barfs) SOI '00; "Rhaphsody in Blue" Hallmark pro/am '02; "Waltz of the Flowers" exhib, '03, TV.
    --Irina Slutskaya: "Schindler's List" pro/am competition, '00 I think.
    --Michelle Kwan: "Rush" SP fall '99(?); "The Feeling Begins" SP '03 Nats/Worlds; "Aranjuez" LP '03 Nats/Worlds.
    --Chen Lu: "Rachmaninoff" '96 Worlds.
    --Sarah Hughes: "Daphne et Chloe" Olympic LP, '02.
    --Sasha Cohen: "Sentimental Waltz" Olympic SP, '02; "Malaguena" SP Skate Canada '02; "Swan Lake" Campbell's '03, live.
    --Dorothy Hamill: "Andrew Lloyd Weber's Requiem" '99/00 exhib.
    --Paul Wylie: "Bach" SOI, '97, many others.
    --Brian Boitano: Don't have a stand-out program for Brian, but the quality of his skating in general gives me chills when I see him live. Not the same on TV.
    --Kristi Yamaguchi: "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
    --Excusé moi! Almost forgot Philippe Candeloro's '98 SP and LP. He earned that bronze when nobody thought he would show up as anything but naked. So refreshing to see someone really perform for the audience at the Olympics.
    --EDITED TO ADD: I forgot YAGS! "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Winter."
    --And flog me with Tonya Harding's boot laces, how could I forget Torvill & Dean "Bolero" and their "Paso Doblé" original dance at '84 Worlds and Olympics. Plus their Rhumba OD at '94 Olympics and many of their other dances.
    --Which reminds of two other great "Paso Doblé" original dances: One by Grishuk & Platov, the other by Krylova & Ovsiannikov in '96 or '97 (can't recall). They both blew me away. But T&D's set an amazing standard for the true heart of the paso doblé, IMO.

    There are others, but those are main ones that come to mind.
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    Thumbs up

    Natalia Mishkotienok/Arthur Dmitriev - "Liebestraum" - Worlds 1991
    Ekaterina Gordeeva/Ilia Kulik - "Casi un Bolero" - SOI 2000
    Elena Berezhnaya/Anton Sikharulidze - "The Kid/Limelight" - Exh. Olympics 2002
    Xue Shen/Hongbo Zhao - "Turandot" - Worlds 2003

    Katarina Witt - "Sag' mir, wo die Blumen sind" - German Nationals 1993
    Oksana Baiul - "Black swan" - Olympics 1994
    Lu Chen - "Springbreeze" + "Rachmaninov" - Worlds 1996

    Isabelle- and Paul Duchesnay - "Jungledance" - Olympics 1988
    Isabelle- and Paul Duchesnay - "Missing 1" - Euros 1990
    Marina Klimova/Sergei Ponomarenko - "Toccata/Air" - Olympics 1992
    Marina Anissina/Gwendal Peizerat - "Carmina Burana" - Worlds 2000

    Brian Boitano - "Napoleon" - Olympics 1988
    Viktor Petrenko - "Carmen" - Worlds 1991, "Romeo & Juliet" - ????
    Kurt Browning - "Johnny Guitar" - Exh. Worlds 1991,
    "That's entertainment" - Worlds Pro. 19??, "Nyah" - SOI 2001?
    Philippe Candeloro - "d'Artagnan" - Olympics 1998
    Ilia Kulik - "Rhapsody in Blue " - Olympics 1998
    Alexei Yagudin - "Lawrence of Arabia" - Worlds 1999, "Gladiator" - Euros 2001,
    "Revolutions Etude" - Worlds 2001, "Racing" - Sears Open 2002
    Takeshi Honda - "Rhapsodia Cubana" - GPF 2001
    Jeff Buttle - "The last Emperor" - Worlds 2002

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    The first time I saw S/P's Love Story - WOW, Major Chills

    Katya/Ilia at SOI 2000

    G/G - The Man I love

    Alexi - Winter, Live @ SC 2002

    Kurt's - Love to Sonja,

    That's it for now,

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    programs that have given you the "chills"

    Bolero-Torvill/Dean what more can you say about perfection
    Salmone-Kwan this is the program that changed Michelle
    Lyra-Kwan perfection
    EOE-Kwan tears & chills for this dramatic piece of brillance
    Shen/Zhao 03 World Champions LP Absolutely brillant and breath- taking.

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    I forgot a few

    1. Tonia Kwiatkowski - 1996 Nationals "Blade Runner" LP, I really became a major Tonia fan after this performance. She was rock solid technically and really gave it her all.
    2. Tonia Kwiatkowski - 1998 Worlds LP, WOW! After the 97 and 98 Nationals, I felt so terrible for Tonia. She had worked so hard and never received the international respect she deserved. This performance was brilliant for her and severely undermarked (surprise!). I got chills when she hit the ending pose and couldn't contain her emotions...and then her Dad crying in the skybox...AAHHH!
    3. Chen Lu - 1994 Olympics "Claire de Lune" SP, wasn't clean. But this was one of my favorite programs of Lulu's up to this point. It was a huge step above what she had done before and fit her perfectly. It was light and beautiful...wispy in a way. Exceptional skating.

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    programs that have given you the "chills"!!

    Kurt Browning - Casablanca and also his program when he landed the first quad. Pretty much everything he has done!

    Martini and Underhill

    Toller Cranston

    Brian Orser - his 88 Olympic Skate
    and his program The Story of My Life
    also his program done to Somewhere in Time.

    Torvill and Dean - Bollero

    There are many more, but I am too tired to think right now!

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    I always love these threads.

    Katia Gordeeva-the first program I saw her do after Sergei died
    Anissina & Peizerat. FD 99 Worlds, Carmina Burana, Romeo & Juliet FD 98 Olympics, Time to Sat Goodbye
    Michelle Kwan-FoG Olympics. It was so beautiful
    Sarah Hughes 02 Olympic LP
    Klimova & Ponomarenko-FD 1992 Olympics
    Alexei Yagudin-Winter 02 Olympics, Gladiator, 00 Skate Canada
    Phillippe Candeloro-98 LP (Europeans and Olympics)
    Underhill and Martini-Unchained Melody, When a Man loves Woman
    Liz Manley-88 LP
    Shen & Zhao-03 Wolrds LP. To do that well with such an injury.

    Plenty of others that I can't remember. I might add ones that I've forgotten

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    Originally posted by Antilles
    Katia Gordeeva-the first program I saw her do after Sergei died...
    Shen & Zhao-03 Wolrds LP. To do that well with such an injury.
    Almost every time I read somebody else's list I think, "Oh, yeah! How could I have forgotten that one!?" and add it to mine. But my list has gotten so long I'll just acknowledge yours. Yes, what I call Katia's "Requiem" program for Sergei was in a class by itself, IMO. Emotional yet restrained. Chills and tears.

    And Shen & Zhao at '03 Worlds. The whole program kept building and building, then after she landed that last throw jump, the rest of the program just seemed to explode with everything that's great about skating. Thanks for the reminder.

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