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Pechalat Bourzat 56.34
Thank God I'm a Country Boy Dolly Parton, Roy something or other plus a country waltz
He in red shirt and desert camo chaps over jeans.
She has gold hula skirt and camisole top in brown with gold edging. Really cool cowboy boots
Nice edging during the slow part
Good clogging during the fast part
Assisted Back flip over Fabian's back to end
Are they repeating that closing move from T&D's 1983 Barnum FD again? I thought they only did it last year, as a sort of tribute, to end their circus themed FD. It's good to see 26 year old T&D original moves being recycled!

THANK YOU for another superlative live report Doris.
Much obliged from us TV starved icedance fans in blighty.