Daniel, I agree with you, and you bring up an interesting point. While I love Michelle's skating and always will, there are some sterling competitors out there currently, just as there were before Michelle. Janet Lynn, John Curry, and other immortals were irreplaceable, too--but that didn't diminish the excellence of skaters who came after them, such as Michelle herself, Yagudin, and Browning. There's room for all of them in the history books and in our hearts. Similarly in tennis, Sampras and Agassi were such a tremendous pair of rivals that I thought we'd never see the like of them again, and then we got Federer and Nadal. That's the nature of athletics. Though there are fallow moments in skating (I remember a "businesslike," completely uninspiring Soviet pair who were world champions just because it was their turn--I will charitably omit their names), I don't think this is one of those droughts. YuNa is truly astounding in the way she combines jumping ability with musicality, and Asada at her best is fluid, sunny, and lyrical--with a triple axel, no less! There aren't any Americans at the top right now, but I'm sure there will be soon enough. I'm perfectly happy rooting for ladies from other countries when they're this good.