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It was just a joke.
Where's your sense of humor?
I'm sure you would feel awkward if someone asked you, "How were you able to fit into Lambiel's suitcase?"
HaHa, alright.

What I meant was, even the most casual skating fan, someone who watched figure skating for the first time in his/her life, after Yu-na's LP, could not have looked around the room and said "...so that's it?", unless he/she was expecting some kind of nudity.

Cuz it was pretty, if not beautiful, for any set of eyes.
Oh boy. That is an incredibly bold and highly subjective opinion, not a fact.
Care to back it up?
Did you take a poll?
Do you speak for the ENTIRE "casual skating fans" that watched this program?
If you do, you forgot to ask me, because I've been one of them for about 15 years.

Since when did a "storyline" become a necessity for a good skating performance, really.
Nowhere have I ever stated her program sucked because it didn't have a story.
Nor do I believe a good performance must include a character.
And have I implied anywhere that her jumps and other elements diminished in quality because it didn't have a story or because of my personal lack of understanding of the program???


This program has been skated only once so far, and I watched it on a tiny screen on my laptop.
I didn't exactly get the most memorable first impression as I did from her other programs in the past under the same circumstances, that is all.

I was looking forward to watching her skate again in SA and reevaluating my take on her LP with some useful pointers I gathered from this thread, but I feel kind of stupid and perverted after your post, so maybe I shouldn't bother.

And if that was "just a joke," I apologize for my "lack of humor."