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Thread: IJS Points for combo spin

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    IJS Points for combo spin

    If you have a level 4 combo spin that has three positions, what is the point basis?

    If camel is 2.6, sit is 2.5, upright is 2.4 and you include all three positions, what is the basis fo rthe points?

    With jumps they are added but I would not expect that with spins.


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    Here's the Scale of Values.

    A level 4 spin combination with change of position and change of foot is worth 3.5.

    A level 4 combo spin without change of foot is worth 3.0.

    If you're talking about intermediate level, a combo spin with a change of foot is required. But you can also do another combo spin without change as the optional spin in the long program.

    So how do you earn level 4? You need to have four features AND you need to have all three basic positions (upright, sit, camel), but that isn't a feature in itself for the change-foot combo -- it's a separate requirement for level 4.
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