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If the placements in each phase of the event had been the same and if the event had been scored under with factored placements for short program plus long program, the overall standings for the top 5 men in Torino would have been as follows:

Plushenko 1 1 1.5
Buttle 6 2 5.0
Lambiel 3 4 5.5
Weir 2 6 7.0
Lysacek 10 3 8.0

In other words, assuming the placement in each program was the same, Buttle would have been able to pull up further with his good long program, but Lysacek would not have been able to pull up quite as far and would not have passed Weir in the standings.

How the factored placements worked out would all depend on how the other skaters placed in relation to the skaters we're looking at.

And how the skaters placed in each program would depend on what ordinals the judges gave them in relation to all the other skaters.

With results as mixed up as these, undoubtedly there would have been place switching during the long program as a result of factored placements changing with each subsequent skater, and quite likely standings within the long program itself would have changed as the ordinals got mixed up further with subsequent skaters.

There likely would have been mixed ordinals -- even if all judges had Lysacek ahead of Weir in the LP, how many had Lambiel ahead of Lysacek, or Lambiel or Savoie behind Weir or Joubert ahead of him might also have changed the long program standings.

Also, exactly what the results of each program would have been, given a set of 9 or 10 or 12 judges' ordinals, might have been different depending on whether results were calculated by majority (as used up to 1998) or by OBO (as used 1998/99-2004), and which judges' marks, if any, were randomly selected not to count in the final standings (as in the "interim system" of 2003 and 2004).

So it's really impossible to say exactly what the results of the Torino men's event "would have been" if judged under 6.0, aside from first place.
Thankyou for such an interesting and thorough analysis gkelly.
Without having your knowledge and expertise (or memory) I do think the way you positioned Johnny and Evan feels about right. My thought was that there was no way Johnny would be on the podium after his LP and either would Evan. It is not such a big deal if 6.0 might have flipped them from 4-5 and 5-4. On the other hand it could have led to a controversy of sorts had a medal been involved and it was 4-3 and 3-4 placements that had changed in the final standing.

Reading your analysis, I think I will ease up on the argument that CoP is too complicated.
Understanding 6.0 was no picnic either, especially the part of "I am ahead of you now, but if such and such beats the other guy then I will pass you." Sorry to phrase that so poorly but American-English is my mother tongue

Thanks again for your fine explanation.