The shop, Bayside Blades is expanding it's extensive skate range, into ice skating! The shop is very busy and we need a career minded team member to come on board and work within a rather stimulating hanging around twiddling thumbs here! This position requires a person of maturity and will not suit a teenage aged person. (however, in saying that, we do need another junior casual as well!)

Ideally,the person will be involved with an ice skating discipline either hockey, speed or artistic.

You would be the key person who works with ice skate customers and enquiries but need the flexibility to adapt to learn other skate sports requirements and learn the intricacies of each. You will eventually undertake a managerial role within the business which is why this position is for someone seeking a long term position only.

For more info, please email the shop at A job description will be sent to you. Please advise if it's for the junior casual position or the full time senior position. Please, no phone calls too!