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Thanks for the links.
I enjoyed Alissa's program - and after a day of so much huffing and puffing about Mao/Tat, Alissa's gentle and elegant skating made me realize how much I enjoy figure skating.
I recommend to some of those who are still so worked up over Mao to take a look at Alissa. Maybe not the best, but surely lovely and full of grace.
Way to go Alissa!
Yes! Figure skating is not just about Mao and Yuna.
I also liked Ashley and Julia.

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Which is wrong, by the way. There is no other sport where you can suck and at the same time get big points. There needs to be a basis in my opinion. One double Axel and one Triple Flip is no basis. Plus, it's not like she skated the lights out. Some skaters, e.g. Lambiel, can make you forget some mistakes with their fantastic presentation. The judges shouldn't be influenced by that either, but that's more understandable than reputation judging.
I agree. Her program did not deserve 1st place in PCS.

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Note: I still think they should either make it clear to the viewer on TV whether a jump was underrotated, or lessen the penalty for underrotated jump.
This would be so useful to see downgrades on the screen!

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As for Mao, I don't know what to say. Nothing is working for her, her programs, her costumes, her jumps... Well I hope she will get her jumps back but her older sister, Mai, started losing her 3lutz,3flip and 3loop around when she was 18-19ish? Their jumping techniques are very similar and equally bad, so maybe Mao can't jump anymore with that weird jumping techniques that she has.
It is interesting that now, when she has problems with jumps people start pointing out that she has bad technique. I remember, few years ago, when she was a jumping bean, everyone on different boards was prizing her for her technique.. Oh well.