Well, I'm a fan of Plushenko so so far I only have news of him, some quotes of the Press Conference and a quote by Yagudin.
(Don't know Russian so most of it is through Online translation). And it's just the quotes, not the whole article


«I just want to say that I'm very happy with my performance today. I'm happy that I did a succesfully 4-3 at the beggining of the program and I'm very happy for my triple axel. I didn't go well with the lutz, I relaxed, lost focus, it was my fault. This will be a lesson for me. Was it difficult to skate first? You know, this morning while I was on my bed I started thinking about it: at the Olympic Games in Turin, during the short program I stated also at the beggining, in the second place. So did that had anything to do with it? No, it was just necessary to just skate well, so it was the same to me where I was going to skate. How would I rate my shape at the moment? I'm not on "my shape" yet, not right now. There's much to work before the Olympic Games in February, I should be on my shape then. For now, we go step by step, I'm happy with this first step in this ladded. I don't take into account my performance in Perm and St. Petersburg, it was not the same. It's different from an international start. Today in this ice palace it was impossible to skate badly, to make mistakes. It is in the air, you have to make it all, all the jumps, skate well. It's another type of excitment, other spirit, other atmosphere. There's more than just seats, there are audience in them"


"I'm not ready to lose, so I'll fight until the end"
"It is such an adrenaline! I've skated after doing only shows for a while and it is a huge difference. There you go and skate for yourself, for spectators, but the atmosphere is absolutely different than on competitions. You lack that intense feeling that you have to jump or lose"

"Of course I was nervous, like any other person would be. I'm not a robot, I'm just like you"

http://www.sovsport.ru/news/text-item/353200 (Yagudin Opinion of Plushenko's SP)

- I think, Evgene looked very well. He missed the lutz, it was nonsense, an accident, with a little more training, a little more speed on the footwork and the spins, to adjust it to the new syste and there won't be anyone like Plushenko in men skating today. I still think the best Plushenko was the on in 2001, where he was virtually invincible. In 2002, we went against each other and we were the same. And then Zhenia didn't have to try hard. I'm sured that even after his long break, he has the strength to win the Olympic Games in Vancouver.