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In case of Midori...Her knees are not good, maybe, because of Her 3Axel.
Midori's 3Axel was WAY HUGE & Great thing.
That was Perfect one, I've ever seen in the women's filed.
But She has no masterpiece. Just Jump was all that Midori.
Midori's LP in 1989 was quite fulfilling artistically. In general, Midori was a great performer when it came to interpreting music that was lighter/cuter.

In 1990, her coaches started making her skate to heavy, ponderous music. This didn't suit her personality.

Had Midori been allowed to use music that made her happy and brought out her personality, she probably would have felt much more confident and been the 1992 Olympic Champion.

She is one of the most unique skaters of all time. Not the MOST artistic, but she certainly had a style that was appealing and the best jumps of all time.