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V/M did creative lifts last season and D/W's no hands lift is merely a variation of V/M's...something V/M started
Not to be rude, but it seems that every time there is a complimentary post made on this thread about D/W, you seem to pop up with a 'response post' specifically meant to either downplay their success or explicitly criticize them as being inferior, particularly to V/M.

Seems excessive to me, especially when some criticisms appear to employ 'selective memory' about what teams other than V/M have done. D/W also had creative lifts last season, particularly their combination and curve lifts (something expert commentators regularly commented on). In fact, one of the hallmarks of both teams' success since they joined the senior ranks has been the quality of their lifts (especially their quick transitions) compared to older teams that did not grow up in the new system. That mutual growth and success should not be a surprise considering the fact that they train together and push each other.

I just don't get why you feel the need to deny improvements made by teams you don't support solely to boost the one you do.