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And while peaking is Tarasova's game plan, I don't think her game plan is to see her skaters having disasterous skates right before the Olympics either. I mean Illia had a bit of a disasterous season prior to his Olympic seasno. But he was looking incredibly strong in the Olympic season. So was Yagudin. Yagudin's win against Plushenko at the GPF helped his confidence a LOT.
Exactly. Apart from confidence, it is not excluded that poor outings in GP can hurt Mao's marks later this season (PCS), especially if her rivals perform very well. Has not happened yet, but who knows.

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because she can barely do a double loop now, I highly doubt that she can do a 3-3 still. She evern got her 3flip downgraded, which never happened until this season. Mao got .20 GOE on her best jump, 3loop. She used to get 1.0 or so on that jump.. She is losing her jumps, she really needs a jump coach now.
Definitely, something is wrong with the jumps. Not only she makes mistakes, but even if she lands a jump, it does not have a 'wow' factor like it used to. Her jumps are VERY average now. No height, no speed when she apporaches them. I also doubt that she can manage 3-3 at this point.

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What helps Mao is athletes like cohen,who are only competing in one GP. if she finishes in top 2, she is acting as spoiler by cutting others points. If Carolina Kostner finishes second ahead of rachel she again could do spoilers job.
She might need spoilers and some withdrawal from GPF.

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Yes, ann, Now that is something I want to stress. Failed jumps, okay, that should be penalized in the TES which it did. Remember Tanith Belbin taking a horrible fall in the CD at Worlds in Sweden, and ended up with like the 2nd highest PCS that event. A performance may be marred by failed jumps but I think it's unfair, IMO to penalize a skater's PCS based on this. I think it's too 'easy" for girls like Leonova, Flatt to just get high PCS with such uninspiring, uncharismatic presentation level and just less than stellar basic skills, in skating and lines, body awareness, spazzy arm movements, just because a top-level skater had a few botched jumps (which again, is reflected already in the TES)IMO.
You are right in one aspect - this is your opinion
How can you even judge Rachel's outings right now? She did not even perform yet in GP this season??? And Leonova performance was uncharismatic compared to Mao's??? What were you watching? Body lines aside, Mao's performance was really unispiring and uncharismatic in Moscow. And that should show in PCS.