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    Quote Originally Posted by Enthusiast View Post we saw at CoR, if Mao misses her jumps, her TES is severely impacted, dropping her into 5th out of medal contention and out of the GPF. You say that rank can be determined by very little score difference, and that PCS is the determining factor. So you're saying the TES for both skaters is nearly identical, no? In that case, PCS SHOULD be the determining factor.

    In short, by saying the PCS is the determining factor in a win, you're basing the assumption that the TES among the 2 skaters are identical. ie. if Leonova & Mao tie in the TES (which clearly wasn't the case yesterday).
    I don't think you understand what I wrote. I did say that in order to win, Mao does have to get her jumps right; however, giving her high PCS whether she messes up the program or not gives her a huge relief. In other words, she is guaranteed to have an advantage over others who has the pressure to perform clean to receive high PCS. You keep saying that TES and PCS factors are irrelevant, which means, even if Mao messed up 2 jumps let's say, she is easily capable of winning over other skaters who performed clean because of her high PCS. At cup of russia, Mao messed up so badly that receiving PCS 19 points higher than her TES seemed irrelevant, but that does not mean that she was clearly favored over others. I don't understand why you can't see the simple logic that it is unfair to receive high score when the skater does not perform well. Whether Mao had a hiccup or not, admit it, IT WAS A TERRIBLE performance, I don't understand why you keep saying that she deserved that high PCS when she looked like she didn't even have the will to finish the whole performance.

    Also, I brought up world 2008 because so many people dragged Yuna into this, and then criticize her for receiving high PCS after her clean performance. We all know that world 2008 champion was determined by 1 point difference. PCS can determine the ranks, and when you have both amazing performances by two incredible skaters, why should one receive PCS lower than the other? Everyone knows that Yuna is well capable of receiving a high PCS score, and also many people here in the forum criticize yuna for receiving high PCS that she does not "deserve." Nevertheless, when you look at 2008 world, Yuna's FS' TES was 64.82, and PCS was 58.56 after she singled her lutz. In comparison, Mao's TES was 61.89, but her PCS was 60.57, after she fell on 3A. Can't you see what receiving high PCS can do affect the ranks, and I feel uncomfortable that Mao almost always receives PCS higher than her TES, when others DO NOT.

    And I guess that makes me uncomfortable, because to my eyes, Miki, Alissa, Ashley deserved more at Russia, but it also showed what more can be done with these scores...
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