I don't really understand why people think that a fully rotated jump with a fall gets so much more credit than an underrotated one anyway. If you do a fully rotated 3Loop with a fall, you'll likely get -3GOE, with another -1.0 deduction, so it comes to a total of 1.0. Whereas an underrotated 3Loop will score 1.5, and with the new rules it might score even higher.

But that's not the point I want to make here. My point is that the whole downgrade thing is meant to REWARD the good jumpers as much as to punish those who are not so good. If they risk a difficult jump and do succeed, they can get a big lead over those who don't - as they rightfully should, IMO. So I see it as an incentive for skaters to perfect their jumping techniques, rather than a threat to take it out of their programs altogether.