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Nobody does 2.75 rotations in the air for the Loop, Salchow, and Toeloop.

For the Lutz and Flip it is different, the technique varies a lot more on those, but (especially among Ladies) 2.75 rotations isn't at all the norm for those jumps either.


You can't "not agree" with it. That's simply how jumps are done.

2.25 rotations is not ideal, but that is the minimum amount (1/4 turn short) needed to be considered a Triple jump.
But I'm finding a LOT of examples where there are 1/2 air rotations off the "defined" number of rotations (instead of the 3/4) i.e., within the limit that I'm proposing.

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Look at the slow-motion for almost any Loop, Salchow, or Toeloop. 1/2 turn of pre-rotation is universally the norm for those jumps. It's not "weird", that's just how they work.
You're right, I see it is true now. Actually I even saw a beautiful 3axel that had 1/2 pre-rotation BUT there were 3 revolutions in the air (Patrick Chan.)

At 2:47, YuNa is doing a 3loop with 1/2 pre-rotation, but fully rotating on the landing (i.e. 2.5 rotations in the air.) Correct me if I'm wrong? And she doesn't even like the 3loop, so there must be better loop jumpers out there (not necessarily doing more rotations in the air, but comfortable with doing it more consistently than YuNa.)

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No Triple Axel in the history of the sport has ever rotated 3.5 times in the air.

Alexei Yagudin has pretty much the best Triple Axel ever (as seen in the animated gif posted by hellcat) and he gets 3.25 rotations in the air at best.
Sorry, I meant to say that Stephen Carriere did 3 rotations in the air, which is 0.5 (i.e. within "limits") off the defining 3.5 rotations of a 3axel (not that I required the 3.5 rotations to be in the air, but I wasn't clear about that.)

To re-emphasize, having 1/2 a rotation off the defining number of rotations on a jump, in the air, is reasonable...and I haven't even given the ideal jumpers for the referred jumps.

It would be unwise to use Alexei Yagudin as the baseline because, as you said, he was amazing at the 3axel as well as other jumps.