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1. Nobunari Oda: probably score 250+, hope to see his quad Jumps
2. Evan Lysacek: Sure to see big debate on his arms, Hope he doesn't use excessive make up
3. Denis Ten: could move up the ranking, especially since he is reported to be in fine form at cup of Russia series
4. Samuel Contesti : Love to see him place high
5. Yannick Ponsero: even higher for this guy, hope he will perform like at last year's european championships

1. Joannie Rochette: loved her performance at Japan open
2.Mirai Nagasu : Hope she don't get hit by UR
3. Akiko Suzuki
4. Rachel Flatt : she may come second, but she is boring (in my opinion)
5.Fumie Suguri : her form isn't impressive, she struggled at Finlandia Trophy

Carolina can finish any where from first to 12th (may be not 12th with chinese ladies in it, but say 8th)

1. Shen/Zhao : He is throwing her like she is weightless, only concern is how they deal with Sbs jumps; especially 3T
2. Zhang/Zhang: i don't might them finishing lower, but they are technically very strong. They may take a lot of risk with their tech elements, 2A+3t, throw 4s etc.
3. Volosozhar/Morozov ; love them, but inconsistent
4. Iliushechkina/Maisuradze: they may like to score more than 160 to have some edge going into Russian nationals over Bazarova and Larionov for third russian spot. But they are technical lot weaker than when they appeared first in 2007 russian nationals
5.Duhamel/Buntin: Not a fan

1. Belbin/Agosto: Not a fan
2. Khoklova/Novitski: love to see their program
3. Faiella/Scalia: They would like to score more than capalini/ Lanotte
4.Zaretski/Zaretski: hope they do well
5.Chock/Zuerlein: world junior champs, hope they can perform well
omg I'm not the only one who agrees! Rachael is soo boring, she needs speed, and better posture and lines, not to mention more speed in everything