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merrybai, I think the very fact that we've seen Oda nail his program is the reason people are thinking he'll be the winner. We don't know what Lysacek's going to do. Plus, Oda seems to do better than Lysacek on the Grand Prix circuit (one gold for Lysacek, three/four for Oda (4th being TEB this year), and this is despite Lysacek having a two season advantage).
RE: Oda. Can't deny the facts, and of course that makes sense. People were wondering what he'd bring and he brought something special.

By the same token, I think Evan will do the same = bring something unknown, perhaps unexpected, and just as wonderful. Plus, I think he does better coming in under the radar so to speak. Also when he's not listed as the front runner. Therefore, I am not counting him off the top.

Also correct that Evan doesn't have the same gold medal count as Oda, each year using the GP events to help him peak later in the season which is his target anyway. That said, he has a remarkable MEDAL count - I recall PJ Kwong saying Evan is "one of a very few - if any - to have medaled at 10" ISU competitions. So that speaks to his consistency.

The GP is the training ground - for all the competitors actually - not the end goal. Whatever the results, we're in for a treat! I'm sure neither will disappoint. Let the skating begin!