Xue SHEN / Hongbo ZHAO CHN
Music: Who Wants to Live Forever by Brian May (Queen Symphony)

3toe-high and excellent. sky high 3tw. pull through to throw 3loop
spins good at first, off on 2nd foot
pullthrough to star lift with spin out
reversing pair spin
there's a deliberate pose by Shen that Zhao pulls her out of in F/w
Death spiral with a different footcatch somehow (arm across leg)

Vanessa JAMES / Yannick BONHEUR FRA 47.28 season best
Music: Tango by Gotan Project

She has a red dress with one red arm. He has red shirt black pants.
3s he underrotates and twizzles out
sbs spins off on 2nd (attitude spin in there, which I like)
flip up into a star lift
the usual back leg death spiral
lackadaisacal f/w
back entry pair spin

3 Amanda EVORA / Mark LADWIG USA
Music: Portugese Love Theme from Love Actually (soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong
4 Huibo DONG / Yiming WU CHN
Music: Amazonic performed by Maksim Mrvica