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Rachael definitely fought for those landings, poor girl. In fact, she seemed very out of sorts. I wonder if I just think so because her hair is in a simple ponytail and she NEVER has had it in anything but a beautifully coiffed bun-- did she run out of time preparing? Or is this her way of 'letting loose' and going outside of her 'elegant' comfort zone? To be honest, I just don't think Sing Sing Sing is going to be received well by the international audience/judges....though the Golden West audience really dug it. It just seems a bit too 'American' and junior-ish/cutesy/exhibition program-esque. Which may be alright for Nationals but not really the Grand Prix or Olympics...
I think you hit the nail on the head. I've never seen Rachael LOOK better in terms of hair and costume. Both the ponytail and that deep V neck are incredibly becoming. But the program itself doesn't wear well - it's fun and Rachael seems to enjoy it a lot, but it's more suitable for an exhibition number - not so much to compete with. Even though I love the choreography - it's inventive, lively, and maintains interest and energy.

It seems like this season I'm watching a lot of programs - Johnny's and Mao's and Ashley's FPs all come to mind, now Rachael's SP - and saying, Great program, keep the choreography, but change the music. That's almost impossible to do, unfortunately.