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Thread: Your favorite transition moves this season

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    Your favorite transition moves this season

    I am sorry that this thread's subject will be limited to single and pair skaters.
    Last year I enjoyed watching Jeremy Abbot's long program because it was packed with beautiful transition moves going in and out of the jumps. He did falter after the U.S. nationals but still his program was one of my favorites of last season.
    This season, I see a very encouraging trend in the single skating. Many skaters seem to be working on their musicality, overall presentation, skating skills, and transition. Ashley Wagner, for instance, was able to skate beautifully by improving each elements of her skating and was rewarded with a medal in COR.
    Adam Rippon’s new SP and LP were both fascinating. I loved the way he used his whole body in the step sequence and the way he incorporated the jumps into his program. He hasn't yet skated clean this season, but I believe the program will build over the season.

    As for the ladies event, I believe Yuna Kim’s performance was outstanding. I especially liked her LP for the similar reason I liked Abbott’s LP of last season. I just hope we can see more programs like Yuna’s for the continuing seasons.

    Please post any transition moves you liked best in the skaters (this season).
    My personal favorite was the moves in and out of the salchow in Yuna Kim’s LP.

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    My favourite transition this season was when Pluschenko did the "number 1 " thing and everyone on the borads got their knickers in a twist about

    Sorry i'll try and think of a proper serious answer when i'm feeling less silly.


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    My favorite transition so far this year has been performed by Tarasova.

    Seeing how smoothly she has segued from being the coach "who is going to make history with Mao" to nothing more than a part-time advisor has been nothing short of inspirational.

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