View Poll Results: Who had the best short program in winning their World title?

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  • 1990 - Jill Trenary

    0 0%
  • 1991 - Kristi Yamaguchi

    0 0%
  • 1992 - Kristi Yamaguchi

    3 7.89%
  • 1993 - Oksana Baiul

    1 2.63%
  • 1994 - Yuka Sato

    0 0%
  • 1995 - Chen Lu

    3 7.89%
  • 1996 - Michelle Kwan

    13 34.21%
  • 1997 - Tara Lipinski

    4 10.53%
  • 1998 - Michelle Kwan

    12 31.58%
  • 1999 - Maria Butirskaya

    2 5.26%
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Thread: Best Ladies' Worlds Winning Short Program of the 90s

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    Best Ladies' Worlds Winning Short Program of the 90s

    Well, everyone seemed to enjoy the freeskate thread, so let's do the same with the short programs. Again, let's consider only the overall champion's short program. Which World Champion of the 90s performed the best short program in winning the title?

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    Surprise! Michelle Kwan in 1996. "Romanza" was such an elegant but fiery program and it was the prefect showcase for Michelle's emerging talent as an artist. "Rach" from 1998 was also wonderful, but I've always enjoyed "Romanza" a bit more. She skated it with such attitude and spark.

    I'm going to rank them all (Berthes Ghost did a nice job of this in the long program thread), but I can't remember the names of all the music. If anyone can help me fill in the gaps I'd appreciate it!

    1. 1996, Michelle Kwan - "Romanza" Such fire and command! I love the spiral sequence at the beginning.
    2. 1998, Michelle Kwan - "Rach" Yet again, wonderful command of the ice. This program incorporated all of the elements so smoothly and was a true signature piece.
    3. 1993, Oksana Baiul - "?" Okay Okay, some love her, some can't stand her. I loved this short program! I actually prefer it to her long program from the same year. She performed this number with such energy and spunk...I think it really overshadowed everyone else, even a clean Nancy.
    4. 1991, Kristi Yamaguchi - "?" A beautifully choreographed number. And as usual, the technical elements were precise and perfect. She made it all look way too easy.
    5. 1995, Chen Lu - "Rach" The combination wasn't the best, but it was clean. Overall, the program was classic Lu. Such beautiful movement across the ice!
    6. 1992, Kristi Yamaguchi - "Blue Danube" Not her best combination, but everything was clean and precise. Kristi really seemed to have stepped up after her success in 1991 and put together two refined, mature programs for the Olympic year. "Blue Danube" was a wonderful companion piece to "Malaguena".
    7. 1994, Yuka Sato - "?" The lutz was never her best jump, but Sato really fought for this combination. The footwork was phenomenal as always! Such a shame she couldn't have skated like this in Lillehammer!
    8. 1997, Tara Lipinski - "Little Women?" The lutz was a flutz and the axel a roller axel. Aside from that, I always liked Tara's "girlish" charm. She had determination and wonderful speed.
    9. 1999, Maria Butirskaya - "?" I've never been a big fan of Maria's SPs. I guess its because the jumps are such an important factor in this phase of the competition. And I never liked to watch Maria set up for a tripe lutz! But, she was solid in Helsinki. It was a nice program, but not as good as her 1998 or 2000 SP.
    10. 1990, Jill Trenary - "?" Wasn't Jill like 5th in the short? I can't recall exactly now.

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    I completely agree!

    MK's 1996 Worlds SP is still my all-time favorite -- the music! The costume! The look over the shoulder at the end!

    1. 1996, Michelle Kwan - "Romanza"
    2. 1998, Michelle Kwan - "Rach"
    3. 1991, Kristi Yamaguchi, Spanish
    4. 1992, Kristi Yamaguchi - "Blue Danube"
    5. 1997, Tara Lipinski - "Little Women"
    6. 1999, Maria Butirskaya -- although had this been her 2000 SP, Maria would have been a lot higher on my list in thie category. Her 2000 SP is one of my top 5 all time favorite SPs!
    7. 1995, Chen Lu
    8. 1993, Oksana Baiul
    9. 1994, Yuka Sato
    10. 1990, Jill Trenary - I don't remember this program well, but I do remember not liking it as much as her LP.

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    Romanza! I love it!

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    Romanza was fantastic.

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    1. 1998, Michelle Kwan - "Rach"
    IMHO the best SP ever choreographed. The spiral, the footwork, the flip , the flying spin all placed perfectly to the music. Stunning. Very mature. Great counterpoint to Tara's "I'm a little girl in a grown up world" SP to an animation soundtrack.
    2. 1996, Michelle Kwan - "Romanza"
    What a fun program. Beautifully choerographed and executed with confidence and a real sense of fun.
    Great counterpart to Lulu very soft program.
    3. 1995, Chen Lu - Medelson.
    Classic look, great choreo from LeeAnn and Toller. I Love this program, if clean really could have given Nicole a run for the money. Rene's program was great too, but LeeAnn's was so smooth.
    4. 1991, Kristi Yamaguchi, Spanish
    Very powerful, complete and well choreographed. Midori and Tonya had good SPs too, but Kristi was best at overall package.
    5. 1994, Yuka Sato
    Very elegant and well though out. Much smoother and more mature than Surya's.
    6. 1999, Maria Butirskaya - something Jazzy. St James Infirmary?
    Very nice and sexy Maria style. I just prefered the previous season's "Fever", but 00's SP had to be Maria's best IMO. Still, if clean, MK's Carmen would have mopped the floor with it.
    7. 1992, Kristi Yamaguchi - "Blue Danube"
    Sorry, I just never liked this SP. IMHO Nancy's was much better (more interesting music and choreo and much more fun) and should have won Albertville SP.
    8. 1997, Tara Lipinski - "Little Women"
    I'll never understand why she always highlighted her age an immaturity, especially since she looked and acted even younger. Would have been winning 97 Junior Worlds SP. DOD was so much better choeoed, more mature and had better elements.

    1993, Oksana Baiul - don't remember Did she even beat Surya and Lulu with it?
    1990, Jill Trenary - never saw
    I still say Jill's win over Midori is the final nail in the figures coffin lid.

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    Berthes Ghost,

    Oksana was second in the short program at the 1993 World Championships. She even received a couple of first place ordinals (2 or 3 I believe), but Nancy led with the same short program she skated in Albertville. Surya was third and Sato fourth I believe. Chen Lu made a mistake and was in fifth.

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