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Maybe I missed something but I believe mm's point was that having both "tba" and Sasha would boost ratings.

Hardly anbody from USA would believe Sasha alone would have much effect on TV viewership but having Michelle and Sasha both back would.

I don't think it is very speculative at all (o% in fact) to connect SA's "tba" with Michelle.

I know you are not a Michelle fan, and you are also not from USA. A Canadian view is as good as any but Michelle trumps Sasha in every possible way, from skating titles to endorsement deals and popularity with skating fans and the biggest area, Michelle's name recognition with the general American public.

Sorry, but imo the heaviest banking was always on Michelle's possible comeback, not Sasha's.
My interpretation and angle is that they were banking on Sasha, and possibly hoping for Michelle.

It doesn't matter that Michelle > Sasha (I agree with it, in terms of both popularity and skater), there was always less certainty with Michelle's return compared to Sasha's announcement in May(?), despite Sasha's questionable ability in or commitment to returning.

And believe it or not, I actually had a Michelle SP (Rachmaninoff 1998) somehow Favourited in my YouTube list without remembering the program or when I did it. So do away with the need to lecture me about Michelle's greatness.