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Thread: Half Way to the Finals and What's Happening

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    Half Way to the Finals and What's Happening

    Plushenko and Cohen omitted because of only 1 GP. I think it will take more than 15 points, and they are SPOILERS.

    Only Oda is definitely in. Good chances of making the Final are: Verner, Lysacek, Kozuka although they meet at SA and may knock one or the other out.

    Other potentials: Rippon and Borodulin

    Still to be seen: Abbott, Brezina, and Takahashi.

    This is a super game of players. Sorry Evgeni ruined it for someone.

    For The Ladies: Mao may not have enough points, although she is ahead of Korpi.

    No one is defintely in at this junction.

    YuNa, Akiko and Miki are tied as of now, and none of them will compete against each other in the 3 remaining events.

    Ashley meets Miki and Yukari as well as Leonova in Japan. It is possible that Ashley makes the Final. Lepisto will skate her first along with Phaneuf.

    Flatt goes into an easy GP in SA, but faces YuNa, and Cohen, and Flatt needs to make a silver. How much a Spoiler Sasha will be, we don't know at the moment.

    At SC, Rochette meets up with Suzuki for a rematch, as well as Phaneuf and Meier

    This is another super game of players. We'll see if Sasha's entry affects it for some other wishful Finalist.

    Can you pick your Finalists at this point in time? i cerainly can't. Some, yes. Some, no.
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