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Thread: Bourne and Kraatz break up

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    Bourne and Kraatz break up

    It was announced by Steve Milton in the Hamilton Spectator. I'm looking for details. They will stop skating together in December.

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    Here's what I was sent: (Sorry it's so long. I don't have a link)

    Good Morning Bladers....actually no, it's a terrible morning. There was

    a rumour posted on Skatingforums yesterday and this morning, it was
    confirmed in the Hamilton Spectator by Steve Milton.

    This is the article... I'm posting most of it as the Spectator is a
    subscription website.

    Bourne, Kraatz break up
    'I just want the public to know it's not a mutual decision'

    The greatest ice-dancing team in Canadian history is breaking up.

    Reigning world champions Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz will honour
    touring commitments until mid-December, then will stop skating together.

    The couple turned pro after their emotional championship triumph in
    March, the first global title ever by ice dancers representing North

    Skate Canada and the couple's agent will announce the partnership's
    dissolution today.

    It is an amicable parting, but it was Kraatz's wish, not Bourne's. She
    wants to continue skating and will try to find an avenue to do so
    hopefully, she says, with Stars on Ice.

    Kraatz shocked Bourne two weeks ago when he told her that he did not
    want to continue in pro skating. During an interview with The Spectator
    at Copps Coliseum last week, he hinted that he wasn't sure the
    partnership would continue."Things happened too suddenly," he said
    between training sessions for Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate. "You strive
    for something for so many years and you reach your ultimate goal and all

    of a sudden 'That's it'. You're no longer part of the Canadian team, you

    no longer travel to compete. I think competing is really what I'm
    missing, I guess. And also a sense of direction."

    Kraatz also said he wanted to pursue other interests. His partner and
    their agent from skating giant IMG tried to get him to at least take
    some more time to reconsider his decision, but Kraatz did not change his


    "What I want to say to Canadian fans is that I am not really ready to
    let go of skating," Bourne told The Spec late last night. "I want to
    keep the doors open, whether it's for touring, or skating as a single,
    or whatever.

    "It's kind of like a marriage and now a divorce. It's like I want to get

    married again."

    After the couple were edged for the gold medal at the 2002 Worlds,
    Bourne wanted the then-nine-time national champions to turn
    professional. But she stayed in "amateur" skating for another year. "And

    I'm glad we did," she said. "It's been a very difficult two weeks since
    he told me. Victor wanted to do the 11 Stars shows in the spring
    (through Canada). But I said it didn't seem right to have a farewell
    tour when I didn't want to say farewell. It wouldn't be fair to

    "I feel sad for Canadians. I know they want to see us skate."

    Canadians want to see them skate, and they want to thank them for an
    amazing career, which crashed the generally all-European dance party.

    Bourne and Kraatz were teamed together, almost by accident, 12 years
    ago. He was born in Switzerland and was a superb skier as a juvenile
    before turning to skating full-time. She was born in Chatham, Ontario
    and spent the early part of her career as a pairs skater, before
    switching disciplines.

    >From the first two minutes of a tryout in Montreal, the pair clicked.
    They had "soft knees", the deep fluid motion and innate cohesiveness
    that marks all great skating partnerships.

    By the early '90s they had, invented "hydroblading" in conjunction with
    Elvis Stojko, choreographer Uschi Keszler and other Mariposa Club
    skaters. The low-to-the-ice technique became their calling card and has
    been copied by scores of other top skaters. Their Riverdance freeskate
    of 1998 is rated among the best competitive programs of all time.

    After a year in junior ranks, they won their first Canadian senior title

    in 1993 and also won the 1994 and 1998 Nationals and 1997 Grand Prix
    Final on Copps Coliseum ice. At Browning's show on that same ice
    Saturday night, Bourne was carrying the emotional burden of knowing the
    partnership would soon be dissolved.

    "But the show in Hamilton was really thrilling for me," Bourne said.
    "After doing that show I know I have to keep skating. I felt so alive.

    "I was trying to imagine myself not skating, and it brought tears to my
    eye. So I know I'll find a way to keep skating. It's such a shame it's
    not with the same partner.

    "I just want the public to know that it's not a mutual decision."

    Bourne and Kraatz will headline their own show in London, December 5,
    and instead of a triumphant launch to what could have been a long,
    lucrative and history-reminding touring career, that event becomes a
    bittersweet sendoff.

    "It's not happy news," Bourne said last night. "For me it came as a
    surprise. Two weeks ago it was a real shock, but I've had some time to
    get used to it. It just seems like now was our chance to enjoy it,
    perform without the pressure and really become creative.

    "I wish Victor all happiness.I told him I respect him so much for being
    honest with me.

    "But I don't like it."

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    Wow. Didn't see that one coming. It's too bad because they would have been able to have a long pro career ahead of them. At least Shae is gonna keep skating.

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    HOLY POOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    I just saw this on the news and I ran from one end of the house to the other screaming. This is not good!!!!

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH<pauses for breath>HHHHHHH!!! Didn't see that one coming at ALL! Now I can't see them on COI!!! Poo!

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    WOW. I appreciate her honesty about it-saying flat out that she doesn't like it. Alot of times we hear of splits and we don't get the full story. It's sad-I really feel like they were the real medalists of the '98 Olympics-I still feel bad that they came in 4th.

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    NO! They were the greatest Canadian ice-dance team. I was shocked to hear this news!

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    Bourne and Kraatz break up

    Shae Lyn said that she might consider singles? I wonder what her skills are?
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    If I remember correctly she was originally a singles skater... so she has the basics... I doubt we'll see any huge jumps/tricks from her...

    maybe she'll do like Denis Petrov did in SOI and just play partner for a new feel... or like Renee Roca has in Brian's skating spectacular for the last two years

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    I know she used to skate pairs. Maybe she could do that again. Could she skate with Morozov? He was a dancer. Did he have any big injuries that put him out of commission?

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    WOW - that came out of nowhere. I probably feel almost as shocked as Shae-Lynn. Glad I got to see them live at COI last season. Good luck to them both.

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    Really a shame - especially since it wasn't a mutual decision. They fought for so long, finally got their world championship, and now can't take advantage of the benefits. Doesn't make much sense to me, but I'm sure there were solid reasons behind the decision.

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    Bourne and Kraatz break up

    This is sad news indeed, but inevitable. Some partnerships continue for sometime in the professional ranks, some don't. Victor is getting married and I also thought Shae-Lynn had a steady beau.

    Anyway, they will sure be missed. I wish them both the best.

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    This is a shock. I don't usually follow ice dancing, but I always made it a point to watch Shae-Lynn and Victor.......I first saw them skate at the 1996 World's Exhibition on television and have been a fan ever was a thrill seeing them skate during a COI performance two years ago..........42

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