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Thread: Bourne-Kraatz breaking up !!!!!!!!!!

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    Julie Anne

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    Bourne-Kraatz breaking up !!!!!!!!!!

    Say its not so! This was posted on the Toronto Star's website and in the newspaper this morning.

    Bourne-Kraatz breaking up
    Bourne: `It's not happy news'

    Kraatz: Pro skating's not for me


    HAMILTON—The greatest ice dancing team in Canadian history is breaking up.

    Reigning world champions Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz will honour touring commitments until mid-December, then will stop skating together. The couple turned pro after their emotional championship triumph in March.

    It is an amicable split, but it was Kraatz's wish, not Bourne's. She wants to continue skating and will try to find an avenue to do so with Stars on Ice.

    Kraatz shocked Bourne two weeks ago when he told her that he did not want to continue in pro skating. Kraatz said he wanted to pursue other interests. His partner and their agent from skating giant IMG tried to get him to at least take some more time to reconsider his decision, but Kraatz did not change his mind.

    "What I want to say to Canadian fans is that I am not really ready to let go of skating," Bourne said last night. "I want to keep the doors open, whether it's for touring, or skating as a single, or whatever.

    "It's kind of like a marriage and now a divorce. It's like I want to get married again."

    "It's not happy news," Bourne said. "For me it came as a surprise. Two weeks ago it was a real shock, but I've had some time to get used to it. It just seems like now was our chance to enjoy it, perform without the pressure and really become creative.

    "I wish Victor all happiness.I told him I respect him so much for being honest with me.

    "But I don't like it."


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    First I heard they broke up now I hear more and more news about them in shows.

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