I'm going to float this topic in all the remaining competitons for the remainder of this olympic season. Note that I'm not taking skaters and evaluting with biased views.

My basic impression is that the judges are making several informed decisions on the skaters performance based on what they see here on the ice. We had a pairs team come out last night with a clean perfomance and the following 4 teams that skated after them all had mistakes before another team skated cleanly with the final team making one minor mistake. So I agree with the placements of all the top three pairs teams in where they stand in the pairs short program. I also found it interesting that we had one team who where out of sync on there side by side jumps and some other elements. So this team shall get the feedback that they need so they can correct those errors.

I believe that when the skaters are getting the correct feedback ,
whether they made a major mistake or need to work on the finer points in their skating, that this gives them the right direction to work on their skating and leaves the sport with credibility.

COP was right here