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    I feel so grateful that NHK is showing the event! Finally I can watch (delayed) skating competition on TV in my own living room!

    Joubert looked great! So happy for him, so happy. He landed all the jumps (well, almost). He was on. The performance looked absolutely exciting, and the audience was loving it! I'm totally OK with his placement over Jeremy Abbott's. While I loved Jeremy's performance and program very much, I thought Joubert was more exciting in terms of audience appeal. After the disastrous TEB event, he really needs this kind of performance. Hope he can keep up his momentum and does a great long tomorrow.
    (His face looked very thin. Has he always looked so thin this season? I watched him mostly through low-quality youtube clips and web broadcasting. So maybe I just didn't notice it. I hope he has a dietitian on call)

    Poor Taka chan. I bet he really wanted to perform well in front of Yuka Sato, his choreographer, his favorite skater, and now his competitor's coach. Too bad things didn't go as he wished. Well, better luck tomorrow!

    Did Johnny have an edge call? He landed everything cleanly (finally! about time!) but still didn't exceed 80. I still don't like his music choice, but the program looked much much better when he landed all the jumps, and I finally felt I could somehow enjoy it. And his final facial expression was just wow! I loved that close-up.

    Was Takahashi trying to channel some drunk man in that step sequence? The NHK announcers sounded just as perplexed as I did.

    Too bad that NHK didn't show Adam Rippon's short. Judging from the score, not a great performance from him, I assume.

    Anyway, I felt very happy to see the men even though NHK only showed six of them. I recorded ladies event from earlier, but I don't think I wanted to watch it today. I want to keep my happy mood.
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