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Thread: How does one become a Learn to Skate/Canskate Coach?

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    How does one become a Learn to Skate/Canskate Coach?

    Hi, I called my coach tonight for a totally unrealted subject but when we were done with the initial subject, my coach asked me if I wanted to become a coach. Yeah, I was on my club ice teaching some kids how to do the waltz jump, left forward and right forward outside 3 turns and outside edges and loops to prep the for the waltz jump. I guess my coach and her mom that also helps run my new club was watching me coach these 3 kids. They must have liked what they saw because my coach was on the phone with me asking me if I wanted to become a coach. She was serious too. Now I don't even have my prelim FS yet but I love to teach, I program assist on CanSkate and Learn to Skate and I teach music. I've been teaching music for 7 years in grade schools and at church. I don't have my teaching papers though. Never went for them. I guess I was gifted with the ability to teach. Anyway, my coach is looking into having me take a CanSkate Coaching course and then testing it while I get my prelim, Junior bronze and Senior Bronze FS. Boy do I have my work cut out for me now.

    Anyone is the same boat?

    I'm close to getting my prelim FS. I have one dance I need for my prelim dances only because my knee was sprained on test day and the knee hurt too much. I already know the Fiesta Tango and only need my Swing and Willow to pass the junior bronze dances. Plus, I plan on testing my intro and bronze interpretives too.

    Oh, I'm 41 and only have been skating for 4 and half seasons. the last, was cut short due to surgery and the first was cut short due to broken elbow. so if you average it out it's really been 3 years of skating from holding on to the boards to doing loops and flips.

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    Get a copy of the current rulebook.

    You're going to have to take NCCP courses in order to become a coach, starting with Theory I. There is a link on the above page to the NCCP requirements. Note that to *just* teach CanSkate, one does not have to do as much as is required to teach StarSkate or Competitive skaters.

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    canskate coaching accreditation

    HI there!

    I know a bit about requirements as we just had to go through the hiring process, and we also have a club member that wants to become a coach.

    Must be 16 years old
    Must have passed the preliminary Free Skate, Dance, and Skating Skills tests plus one test at the Junior Bronze test.
    Course is 3 days long: Course content:
    Pre-course worksheet, On-ice skating assessment, small group interviews, communication, teaching & learning basic technique, sport system, music, Professional Coaching Ethics, CanSkate, evaluated on presentation (dress, punctuality, attitude, technical knowledge, and communication skills)

    Once a Level 1 coach candidate has acquired all the requirements (Theory 1 course, Phase 1 - CanSkate, CanSkate assignment, valid First Aid certificate), he/she can register as a Skate Canada CanSkate Professional Coach and start teaching CanSkate programs in clubs.

    Hope that gets you started!

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