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Thread: Looking into downgrade stats

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    Looking into downgrade stats

    I got curious how much 'stricter' DG rule's affecting skaters.
    I thought it might be useful to compare DG ratio of last season to that of this season (until COC).
    So I compiled some stats for that here.

    Let me quickly explain how I did this calculation.
    It's really simple. All I do is to pick jump elements marked with '<'. And then get percentage to toal count of jumps. What about combo jump? I counted each element in it separately according to rules.

    Lets suppose 'Skater A' got protocols like '3F+2T<' and '2A'. I see total 3 jump elements there and 1 of them got DGed.
    So 'Skater A's DG ratio would be 33%.

    Ok boring part over. why not get to the data?
    Mind you, I looked up International events only , that is 6 GPs, GPF, FC, EC, WC.

    I got to Ladies first because It seems they are affected by it most.
    Last season, there were 265 DGed jump elements out of 2189 total. So make it 12.11%.
    This season so far (TEB, RC, COC) , that ratio is 12.08% (=54/447). So I could not find any noticeable difference.
    I don't know. Actually there have been fewer DGs per jump element so far.
    One can argue that big events like WC has very uneven field so I should consider GP events only.
    Still not much different. DG ratio of 7 GP events last season was 11.84%(=118/997).

    I added detailed table for each skater.
    your thought?
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