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Thread: Mai Interviews Mao

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    Mai Interviews Mao
    in Japanese.

    (Mai): Did the GP series outcomes make you feel down?

    Mao: Yeah, but I am fine. I don't have anything that I haven't decided.

    Even Mao can fail. You have had both good times and bad times. There is nothing you can do about your failures but to forget them.

    Mao; No, there's not. It's only the mental issue. I can pull myself together at the next time. Nothing other than that.

    When you and I performed for the first time at a comp, you were placed 5th.

    Mao; Yes, I was. I remember.

    The same as then. You can think that you returned to the starting point.

    Mao: Yeah. I could think that I have gone back to the starting point and do it all over again. I'll do my best with such a frame of mind.

    How did you like France?

    Mao: Croissant was very tasty.

    Good. Are you talking about breakfast at the hotel?

    Mao: Yeah. After I had three pieces and became full, they brought ones that were just baked. So disappointing. I wish if I could have had them.

    It would have been better if you had waited until they came.

    Mao: Yeah. I wanted to see Aero, Tiara, and Komachi (their dogs). I missed them.

    Did the media ask you many questions after CoR?

    Mao: yeah, but it was right after the comp and I didn't quite understand.

    When they ask you next time why you failed, why dont you ask them back what they thought themselves?

    Mao: (Yeah,) because it is important to hear opinions from various ppl.

    The last answer of Mao is not only cute for being a little off, but also impressive for the innocence and defenselessness. How can she remain like that?

    Mai notes that Mao is satisfied with the music and programs so that she would not be anxious.
    ETA: She also notes that usually they barely talk about skating, but would talk about shopping and favorite sweets. Mao spend a lot of time abroad so that she takes her time tasting Japanese sweets, according to Mai.
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    What a perfect interview - to be "grilled" by your protective elder sister and fellow skater. But we get to see a little more of the real Mao.

    Can't you do it? Yes, of course I can do it! Don't you wish you'd waited for the really fresh croissants? Oh yes, why couldn't I wait? WTH is with those journalists and their dumb Qs? Right, let them answer their own ridiculous Qs!

    Maybe Mai is Mao's secret weapon.

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    Both sound very gentle and relaxed in their language. I wish if I could translate such nuances into English.

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