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Thread: Men's SP 9:00 p.m Nov. 13th EST

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    Yeah, unfortunately the proxy server that you are posting from has also been used by some real pests that we had to ban by IP because they kept signing up over and over with different user names. (You are posting from work, right? Your home computer should be OK.) .

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    Actually, I'm still posting from home. Everytime I'm away from the computer, it sleeps and I have to reconnect again, and it always goes to a different address. Yesterday, under one of the IP adresses, I made it in, then I had to reconnect, which again was to a different address, and I couldn't make it in. I appreciate the help that was given in letting me in and if this stuff keeps happening I will contact my IP and sort it out. In the meantime, I will enjoy being here.

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