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Thread: Ladies LP Sun Nov. 15th 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

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    Well, guys. Those of you who wanted her to perform worse than usually (for very different reasons), should be glad, because she did more than you wanted, she has 187 point instead of 190 as some posters wanted.

    What's happened is very normal, I guess, because all the pressure that media put to her ("already won Olympics, the season is over") definitely couldn't help her. And now we discover incredible thing - "she is a human too". That's just funny. She is human and always was.

    Today's performance, I hope, will prevent some journalists of making stupid remarks, because as we all know, the competition is not over until the last skater skated. And who knows?

    Ironically, before her performance Brian was directly asked if Yuna can be beaten and after thinking about it, he said, that no, she's unbeatable. Ironically, Rachael Flatt (who did very, very good LP) won over Yuna exactly after this question. Because as we all know, and Yuna knows, and Brian, Yuna is not unbeatable. They never said things like that (unlike Tarasova, but that's another question), but when a journalist asks that question so rude, you feel like you will betray your skater if you say that she is beatable, so he answered another thing.

    But anyway, even thought this performance wasn't the best, that changes nothing. Yuna Kim is the best skater and nothing can take away from her things that she'd done in the past.

    So I hope that you enjoyed her struggling, but heroic performance and that little Korean skater will have her place in your heart. Please, be kind to her.
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