1. She looked like she retied them right before she skated, during Flatt's wait for marks. Or am I misremembering?

2. What I hope is that the other skaters learn that she's not invincible. At the last worlds, Rochette admitted in a post-SP interview that she/everyone were basically skating for second now. I want Joannie to play it safe at Skate Canada and actually get to the GPF, and then explode. I know she wants that 3-3 to work (so do I). Truthfully, I think that Yu Na Kim's excellence is exciting in and of itself. While there might be no question as to the outcome (pre Skate-America, anyway) - and reading comments here, there truly wasn't - the fact that she was so on and so awesome and beautiful was just thrilling for me. So I still want that. But now... it's a whole new ballgame.