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Thread: Scott's new show

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    Scott's new show

    Scott's skating in Lake Placid Dec 29th w/ Steven Cousins, Kimmie, D/L and Katia!

    I also read on twitter that he hopes to take this show to ten cities. Apparently he did a press conference at Skate America.

    So now I'm trying to figure out how to rearrange my schedule so I can be there!!

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    I'm holding out hope that he'll come back to Alaska... he seems to enjoy skating here...

    though with it being a new venture it probably wouldn't pay off. The last show he brought up here the crowd was small and DEAD (they didn't even come close to filling the venue, and the tickets were reasonable)...

    I hope his prototype is a success and that the venture is fruitful... we need a resurrence in pro skating; he did it in the 80s... maybe the 00s will be able to see it, too

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