I dont know much about Pairs and Dance, so I'll limit myself to singles only

1. Joannie Rochette
2. Alissa Czisny (I can hope )
3. Akiko Suzuki

We've seen Yu-Na isn't unbeatable after all.
But Big question's still unanswered.
Who would be the 'beater' then?
Still no other ladies came forward and claimed to be.
Yuna's score at SA is still the 2nd best this GP season only behind her own TEB score.

So to make things really interesting, someone have to put 60+ SP, 120+ LP, and 180+ (preferably 190+) total. I believe Joannie can do that at her home field. JMHO

1. Jeremy Abbott (Jeremy! you can pull it together )
2. Patrick Chan
3. Michal Brezina

This one is really difficult. I just went by my heart here.