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Very sorry to hear about F/S - it looked like they were off to a good season. I hope they recover soon!

Some of both.
Daisuke--he's just the best and has a champion's spirit. From his last (first) skate it looked like all he lacked was stamina and I'm hoping he's got that now.
Patrick--he's the best too! I'm thinking Canadian crowd in an Olympic year, esp. when he's coming back after injury, means his first time out will be too much pressure to win. But as long as Dai and Patrick win G & S in any order, I'm happy.
Preaubert--no special reason, just that he'll be skating with relatively less pressure than Abbott, who ought to do beat him (if not everyone else)... but Jeremy seems like such a sensitive young man, he may crumble again, and then Alban could zip in for a medal.

Suzuki--whoa, this lady's on a roll and has fabulous programs this year.
Rochette--basically I'm assuming all the Canadian skaters will have a home field disadvantage at this event, except for V/M who seem invincible. Joannie didn't do so well at her first event and may not overcome it right away. Hopefully she'll get the kinks out of her system before Feb. Anyway I'll eat my... gloves? if she doesn't make the podium.
Czisny--Alissa has so much talent, she's going to make the podium sometimes Why not here? She's won this event before so I'm thinking she likes Canada.

Pairs: Just hopeful guesses in this field. I'm not keen on the Canadian team D/D, even though I wish them the best, and certainly accident-free skates!

Dance: Similarly hopeful guesses. I don't follow this discipline as much as the others, but just moved up S/B to the second spot due to F/S withdrawal, and added W/P. (These kids get home field advantage because they're young.)
Goor retort and good choices.