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    Quote Originally Posted by KKonas View Post
    Thanks so much for posting this link to this tango as I have felt that too many teams have been taking the wrong attitude with this dance, treating it more like the Argentine. I don't know why the judges haven't really corrected that expression, unless they have also forgotten what this dance is supposed to look like and just focus on the steps.
    I think so--but the judges have just been happy this year if the teams can actually do the steps of the TR with reasonable timing. There have been no more than 2, maybe 3 couples each event actually doing it more or less correctly at the 3 events where I have seen it skated. Nebelhorn there were D&W and a big gap to Zaretskis. At COR, D&W and a long way back to C&L and R&S. At NHK, D&W and K&K (who said they just hadn't practiced the TR that much). If you look at D&W's CD scores (esp. the PCS), they are not up to their OD & FD yes, the judges have been withholding marks for authenticity/non authenticity and other errors, but it isn't showing, because the other teams at NHK and CoR were having basic problems with the steps and the timing. D&W did get a bit of tango feel, too, but I don't think they got it right, and AFAIR, they did not have that crisp almost syncopated sharpness of Pakhomova and Linichuk.
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