I'm with you Buttercup, I really wanted to like P/B's FD...but I just don't. I think it's a very interesting concept, but perhaps not constructed correctly? I think that's more of a music issue perhaps? But yes, at least Fabian doesn't have face paint!

V/M: I wish they had kept in the vein of Pink Floyd and gone a more modern route, but I can understand why they went a more romantic route for the Olympic season (not the time to be taking a risk stylistically, as much as I wish otherwise). This FD is really starting to grow on me though, and I much prefer the new ending.

W/P: Yes, I like their POTO better than D/W's (and I'm a huge D/W fan, but not a blind one). It's very soft, but still powerful IMO.

S/B: I'm tired of seeing them stuck with such tripe. I'm sorry, but there's no other way to say it really. They deserve so much more choreography wise; everything seems so old-fashioned. She also needs a new dressmaker.

B/S: They're probably my favorite Russian team, and I'm hoping to see them continue to develop. They need new costumes as well...not to mention some speed. With some more speed their skating will become a lot more effective. Still, I say an improvement over last season. I'd really like to see them get to the Olympics, but probably won't happen.