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Right, that could be a pitfall. But at the same time, it doesn't matter what the song is about - they are skating to the melody, not the lyrics.

It so happens that the melody is light, sad, wistful, poignant, sweet, and that suits the classic French clown costume/make-up choice, as well as the characterization/relationship they're portraying on the ice. Yeah the song is called Send in the Clowns and they're not doing the story of "Little Night Music" where the song is from, or "Smiles of a Summer Night" where the musical is from. So what? It's kind of cute that they are taking the "clown" word as their interpretative jumping off point.

It also suits the characteristics and physical appearance of the skaters - Aliona looks like a little gamine, Robin is strong, gentle and steady - like I said, for me it's a poignant little movie story they're telling - sort of Chaplinesque, Fellini-esque
right,,,for me, they dont look gamine, or strong, gentle or whatever,,,,

they look scary and funny.