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Thread: Another skater Comeback - Tanja Szewcenko

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    Another skater Comeback - Tanja Szewcenko

    Tanja Szewcenko has come back, she is listed in the Pairs event with Norman Jeske at the Coupe De Nice.

    Tanja Szewcenko was the World Bronze medalist in 94 and European Bronze medalist in 98 before injuries took their toll and retired in 2000.

    Not sure on their standard but Im glad she's back

    Shen/Zhao, Cohen, Plushenko, Lambiel, now Tanja

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    Wow. ? Didn't she have some pretty significant and serious health problems as well? Kind of an auto-immune thing that required all sorts of fairly significant treatments? Pairs is no walk in the park from a wear and tear standpoint and for her to think she can be relevant either says something remarkable about her desire, equally so about her health, or conversely, not much about the pipeline of younger pairs talent in her country perhaps.

    She was always lovely. I recall she jumped clockwise. I wonder what her partner does. I would actually be tickled to see a clock-wise, counter clockwise pair. Always kind of visually more interesting, just for variety sake in my book.

    All the best to her!

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    I loved her Speed program at the 97 GP Final She was stunning! She finished second to Tara and was considered a medal contender for Nagano but she got ill before the Oympics and her season was finished. Good for her and best of luck

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    I see the Stephan Lindemann will be competing also.

    Here is what Wikipedia says about what Tanja has been up to lately.

    From September 2006 until 2009, she acted in the German soap opera "Alles was zählt" on RTL Television. She played the role of Diana Sommer, an inline courier, who was given the chance to train as a figure skater alongside the wealthy daughter of a fitness center mogul.

    In January 2009, Szewczenko left the series to return to professional skating. She joined the "Holiday On Ice" ice show with skating partner Norman Jeschke (who for a time played her skating partner on AWZ).

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    Whatever happened here? I didn't even hear about this... ultimately she did not end up competing. The full results from Wikipedia list six teams, none of which are on Tanja is on...

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    It would be amazing if she came back! Her "Speed" performance at the Championship Series Final (now GPF) was one of the most amazing technical achievements in Ladies figure skating jumping wise. Link:

    I found a short clip of her Pairs skating, mostly lifts, pretty cool:

    I'm also a huge AWZ fan! I love Deniz and Roman, the Male/Male Pairs skating ice princes. I was really bummed when Roman quit before the Gay Games. Anyway Tanja was great on the show. She looks a lot different now, she has short blond hair and it suits her. She's an amazing actress as well as an amazing skater. I wish she had had more success in her singles career. I hope we get to see her skate Pairs someday soon. Here's Deniz/Roman's story (Tanja also prominently featured) on YouTube:
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    How old is she?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mylastduchess View Post
    How old is she?

    32y old

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