Men are so unpredictable:
1. Nobunari Oda
2. Evan Lysacek
3. Daisuke Takahashi

Nobunari will make some minor mistakes, but still finish first. Daisuke will have some mistakes too. Joubert will go for a quadruple jump or even two and he will make many mistakes in the free skate. Jeremy will probably have some significant mistakes too. Johnny will need the other skaters' mistakes to have a podium finish.

1. Yuna Kim
2. Akiko Suzuki
3. Miki Ando

Yuna will have a great long programme with great triple flip. People at this board will go bonkers :-) when they see her setting new world records. If she makes any mistakes, they will be minor ones. But I have a feeling that it will be her first completely clean long programme ina long time. Akiko will have great two programmes and finish above Miki who will make some mistakes, but not major ones. Alena will be great as always, but her sloppiness will prevent her from podium finish (she will more than make up for it winning gold at the Europeans in January). Ashley and Joannie will both make mistakes in their long programmes.

I do not know about the pairs, but I want Yuko and Alexander to finish on the podium (and be gold medalists at the Europeans and finish on the podium at the Olympics).