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Thread: For Yu-Na kim Lovers

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    For Yu-Na kim Lovers

    My friend sent me this link to a Yu-Na kim fansite/blog, and it has
    the most beautiful pictures of Yu-Na I've ever seen. WOW.

    It's in Korean so if you have no idea what it says, I'd say just click
    around because that's what I do.

    I just wish we could save these photos!!!

    Does anyone know if Mao or Alissa has a fansite like this?
    I'd love to take a look!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by figurejennah View Post
    I just wish we could save these photos!!!
    In Internet Explorer, click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete -> Delete Files

    Now go to the web site and open all the pictures that you want to save.

    Now go back to I.E. -> Tools -> Settings -> View Files.

    This will display all of the files from Internet sites that you have visited. Look for JPG files with names like _m9x7985-1 (Yu-na shooting a gun) and _m9x7991-1 (final gun pose). You can spot them by going down the file size column -- they all are 227 kb.

    Drag them onto your desktop, or into a new folder. Voila!
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    is not exactly like yuna`s blog, but is my favorite for Mao`s pictures:

    is a shame that is only in japanese

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