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Thread: Japan Times: Kim looking to make statement in Grand Prix Final

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    Japan Times: Kim looking to make statement in Grand Prix Final

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    No GP Final broadcasting in Canada. It sucks.

    Can't believe no network is covering the GP Final 2009 in Canada. CBC is airing it on Dec 26th. This doesn't make any sense. Especially when CBC aired all six GP series.

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    To be quite frank, the article doesn't really deliver on the title. I don't see it suggested anywhere that she wants to "make a statement".

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    When asked about her stunning defeat last year, when Mao landed two triple axels in her free skate to beat her on home ice, Kim pointed out that the landscape has been altered significantly since then.

    "I don't think about what happened at the last GP Finals," she said. "A lot has changed since then and I have a lot of confidence to win here."
    Well yeah the landscape has been altered. Mao is not here.

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    News reporters like to make things exciting and bold, but sometimes the result can be worse.

    Yu-Na has never said in any interview in her career that she had confidence to win, or that she would win in a particular competition. That's not her style. Actually, one of her problems is that she doesn't have enough confidence. She should be confident. She had a confidence issue before SA because she was afraid to hear criticism if she would fail to top her own record in her FS. That's why she mentioned "confidence" here. In a TV interview in Tokyo, she said she had "more" confidence there than in SA because she had practiced well after the event. Also, she doesn't keep things in her mind such that she forgets whatever happened, which is good for an athlete, she said several times. She always avoids mentioning other skaters and says she wants to focus on her own programs. She wasn't making any statement in the interview. Only her performance will.

    A reporter asked her mother yesterday in Tokyo if she (her mother) would feel comfortable because Mao Asada would not be at the event, and she said she would not believe it because of what happened at SA.
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