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I think not...
about a week ago he really wasn't fit yet (and I was worried!) He's usually very strong in practice and he heard he wasn't up till now in Japan. He also admitted in Czech press before the event that he wasn't at 100%.
I think the pops are a combination of not being fit and perhaps this didn't help for his mental strength either...plus, if you're not fit and you have to skate right after the warm-up? I don't think that's ideal either...and he doesn't like that to begin with...!
Yes I know but I thought he looked more fit in SA with that damn flu than here.. I was so disappointed with these pops, especially since that 4T 3T was an absolute beauty, the best I've seen him do.. So falling apart after that only shows nerves overtaking you due to perfectionism and expectations.. Which I feel like is back to square one for Tomas. I am just so unhappy.. I hope he's hit with a magical wand or smth tonight and wakes up tomorrow all confident..
On the other hand, I am also rooting for Oda, I hope he overtakes them all with the Chaplin magic, the best programme I've seen so far this season..