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Thread: Grand Prix Final: Mens SP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Layfan View Post

    It is SO great the way Evan has handled the pressure this year. Keep it up!!
    He is a changed man from last year at this time. It is a joy watching him skate since March the way he is so confident and so carefree. Watching him rejoice over hitting 85.5 with Frank was a special moment. I just hope he can maintain this consistency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyjl View Post
    I love Evan, but can somebody please get him a stylist??? His Chicken Little costumes have already been commented upon, but what is up with his hair??? It's even worse than Ross's hair in Friends. NO TO HELMET HEAD!!!!
    Oh, this was priceless.. just woke up and read this and
    Actually, whenever I see Evan and his hair, the first thing that comes to my mind is Ross.. But then again he never wore chicken suits and feathery shoulder pads with see through nipple tops on Friends..

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    I have actually enjoyed Evan's SP this time because I kept telling myself during his performance that Evan is a bird, he is portraying a bird. It worked. He was like a black hawk, so fast and furious. It worked with the music. But 89.85?

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