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I'm not sure that Shelepen has the same body type as Alena and Irina... Here's Alena at 16 y.o.
And here is Irina at 14 y.o.
Polina looks taller and her legs seems longer, I think she is more like Mao Asada. And Polina has grown a lot from last year but still can jump
That is good news then. Although idk if you can compare her to the asian girls, asian girls are lucky in that they can develop into their grown up bodies without gaining a lot of weight. Yuna Kim does not have a little kids body but she is 5'5" and only weighs 103 pounds. Alena and Irina do look different then Shelepen in those videos, though both are quite thin
(not as thin as Shelepen though) and their bodies changed a lot in the years following those videos. Alena Leonova is also pretty tall, 5'5" or so, while Irina was pretty short. Shelepen might stay tall and thin but it is hard to tell